Jen Griffith

Jenny has spent 20 years in the advertising industry. She started her career working for Best Buy’s in-house advertising agency as a media buyer, overseeing buying for all Texas markets, then moved into a senior role in strategy at Fallon (Minneapolis) working on various national brands.

Prior to starting Bridge Insights & Media, Jenny spent five years with Arbitron as an Agency Consultant working with over 200 different ad agencies on media research, data and buying software solutions. After proving herself with agencies, she was selected to be on the team working with executive teams at the company’s largest 20 advertiser clients with a focus on Scarborough’s consumer insights data.

At Bridge, Jenny heads up strategy for all clients. She applies her industry knowledge and research tools to develop smart and effective solutions that balance impact and efficiency. Her advantage over others in media is her deep understanding of available resources and the application of those resources to develop effective media strategies and buys across all types of media outlets, both online and offline. She has been planning and buying media for Bridge clients for the past seven years.