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Advertising could be smarter, more cost-effective, and easier for clients.

That’s what Carrie and Jenny realized as they were talking over a glass of wine at a hotel while traveling for work. Both women had worked in media planning and buying for many years, managing huge budgets and numerous clients of varying sizes. Their years of experience allowed them to see how campaigns could be more effective and less costly if they were based on strategy and data, and tailored to clients’ needs.

There was also the matter of seeing the finished product. Jenny and Carrie cared about their clients’ success. They were invested. And they wanted to be there at the end to celebrate. And so, after raising their glasses to toast, Bridge was born. 

After over 10 years, we are so thankful to have taken the leap and grown Bridge Insights & Media into a company that has helped amazing businesses reach their audiences.

Our team

Carrie Stein


I would feel so out of touch if it weren’t for my morning Up First (NPR) and The Daily (NY Times) current events/news podcasts!

Jenny Griffith


Is there such a thing as a podcast-aholic?  My current daily/weekly hit list includes Smartless, Armchair Expert, Julia Gets Wise, Sunday Sitdown and The Daily.

Sabia Siddiqi

Managing Director

Streaming NWSL and USWNT soccer games on Hulu and Paramount+.

Brent Stein

HR Director

I love my NY Times all-in-one. I start my day with the crossword or other games, then move on to the Daily podcast and/or reading news or sports articles of interest. Later in the day I use NYT Cooking for new dinner recipes. Then I wrap the week with the news quiz!

Bianca Angoori

Bianca Angoori

Account Support Specialist

My favorite types of media are podcasts and YouTube. I enjoy listening to podcasts because they fit seamlessly into my daily routine. Whether I’m commuting or just relaxing at home, I will always have a podcast playing that fits my mood! YouTube is my go-to platform for learning new skills, but also for pure entertainment. I love being able to learn a new song on guitar and then watching a lifestyle vlog. The content is endless!

Jennifer Heitzmann

Senior Account Manager

I love traditional print magazines, two of my favorites being Domino and Vanity Fair.  When I have time to peruse a magazine these days it feels like a leisure luxury.

Natalie Cox

Project Manager

I’m a self-proclaimed “couch potato.” So my favorite media format is streaming TV (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.). There’s so much content to choose from that keeps you engaged and yearning for more, whether it’s a movie or series, old or new. Great entertainment!

Andrea Grajeda

Account Manager

Is TikTok a valid answer here? LOL

Staci Brindle

Account Support Specialist

My favorite media is public radio and tv. I love watching KLRU-PBS and enjoy the variety of local gardening shows, global news, and the best travel shows. On the go, and while cooking I am usually listening to NPR (KUT Austin).

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