This is Bridge IM


Our approach to advertising begins with research, which empowers our creation of effective media strategy and execution.


Our Services


Your media strategy is dependent upon many factors like messaging, target audience, media preferences, geography and even budget levels. The old snowflake analogy couldn't be more true when the Bridge team is developing media strategies for our clients.


Bridge helps advertisers who need a deeper understanding of their consumers in order to grow their business. Most importantly, we can navigate the options to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they need.


At Bridge, our expertise is in advertising strategy and making sure your message is heard or seen by the right audience (aka media planning & buying). We are connectors of people and would love to operate as your full-service advertising agency.

Our Philosophies

  • Client satisfaction drives success
  • We are personally accountable to our clients
  • Utilizing consumer insights will lead to success more rapidly than trial and error
  • ​We value partnerships with our clients, vendors, and our team
  • We strive for balance in our business, our families and ourselves


Bridge is an advertising agency anchored by consumer research and meticulously thought out strategies. The term “non-traditional agency” gets tossed around frequently. If you get past that cliché and actually dig a little deeper, you usually don’t unearth much past the typical skill set – services offered are just what you’d imagine, and nothing more. Well, we are indeed media gurus with diverse media backgrounds. And we do offer traditional services. Yet the reason why we started Bridge is because we knew our approach would be significantly more valuable for our clients.

So, we don’t label ourselves non-traditional. In fact, we don’t label Bridge at all. We just assess every project, partnership, challenge or consultation in the most relevant strategic manner – anchored by consumer research and meticulously thought out insights. We don’t just plan and buy. We think, debate, solve, and deliver. And we feel that’s a unique mantra to exist by.